The Hair Gloss

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We welcome you to meet our newest addition to our non-toxic hair care line-THE HAIR GLOSS!  We used a revolutionary ingredient that is nature’s answer for synthetic silicone derivatives, and it brings  lightweight, non-greasy, protective, and glossy shine to your hair. 

Our Hair Gloss can be used on damp hair prior to letting it dry au naturale, or prior to using hot tools to help provide protection for your mane! As a finishing product, smoothing a few drops throughout the hair will help provide necessary reparative moisture to dry ends, help seal split ends, and it will provide shine all day!The Hair Gloss smells of tropical indulgent bliss, and Baobab, Argan, and Passionfruit Seed Oil, alongside Eco-Sil (an olive based product) really deliver what you’re looking for, as it can be used for several purposes! Stay glossy, friends.