Skincare Sponges 10 Pack *Zero Waste*

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Deep cleansing, sustainable, and can be used in multiple ways! 

ZERO WASTE PRODUCT - 100% Biodegradable + Recyclable 

This set of 10 100% organic and compostable cellulose sponges are the perfect necessity to introduce into your skincare routine because the help provide gentle exfoliation, stimulation, and can reduce puffiness and leave your skin glowing!

These can be found in our travel collection as well, they are super thin and small, and when wet, they pop up into a full sized facial sponge.

Another amazing way to use them? Mask removal! They help remove every bit of stubborn clay left in places that your fingers can't reach.

These sponges can be used many times over, and to help extend their lives, rinse all of the product out of them, and allow them to dry on a dish or tray. Do not store in the shower.

Our sponges come in a 100% recyclable screw-top tin container, and the sponges are in a compostable organic linen pouch inside which can be removed to store your unused sponges in while your tin can be used to store your current sponge in during travel.