Golden Hour Body Mist

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Passed the vibe check. 🌞

What does Golden Hour smell like?

Warm sunshine explosions of Bergamot, sultry Sandalwood, and crushing on you beach Roses…

Our Summer 2022 Limited Edition Golden Hour Body Mist comes in a carry on travel size friendly 2 oz shatter-proof spray bottle, and can be used to refresh, ground, and uplift you and your spirits, as well as a room or pillow mist to set a vibe. 

The scent is very light, clean, and refreshing, and creates a personal ambiance that is unforgettable! This is a total must have this Summer for travel in your day bag, your gym bag, or for anytime you want a refreshing aromatherapeutic boost of joy! 

Ingredients: distilled water, grain alcohol, propanediol, and a proprietary blend of essential oils and organic fragrance isolates.