Java Junkie Body Polish

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Get your body buzzin' with our 24K caffeinated glow Java Junkie Body Polish- once you use ours, there's no turning back. This is true perfection and will please even the most discerning clean beauty and coffee lovers. 

We have created a highly potent blend of natural, organic, sustainable, and vegan ingredients that are going to smooth, tighten, tone, detox, hydrate + nourish your skin.  Shower time just became way better.

Fair Trade Organic Coffee is the main event in this show, and ours is sourced from our favorite local and famous roastery, Borealis Coffee Company in Riverside, RI. This coffee has been ground fine to release maximum potency, and boasts a high antioxidant and caffeine profile which helps tighten and tone, and reduce the appearance of cellulite, ripples, and dimples. We added additional pure caffeine to this product to give it a boost to see maximum results, as this ingredient is the one that truly creates an immediate and desired effect.

Extra fine Himalayan Salt polishes the skin gently as it helps detoxify the body by drawing environmental toxins out to boot! To hydrate and nourish, we created a powerhouse blend of organic oils consisting of Hemp Seed, Argan, Evening Primrose, Sweet Almond, Jojoba, Camellia Seed and a blend of extracts to soothe, tone, and provide anti-aging support.

Tightening, toning, detoxifying, hydrating, and smoothing, are some of the benefits our product offers, and it was only fitting that we wanted to add leaving your skin with a warm and subtle glow to the list. We have blended in swirls of sustainably sourced American mined Mica to your jar, and its next level perfection.