Mermaid Hair Styling Mist

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Fact: Mermaids have the best hair.

Get that beachy, sexy, and windswept mane that looks like you were born from the waves, a sea goddess with tousled, textured, and tantalizing waves- all from a bottle of magical mermaid hair 'sea'cret ingredients! This product contains nourishing Passion fruit Seed Oil, hydrating Vegan Glycerin, and hair strengthening Kelp Extract. This product is meant to be used on dry hair, or on damp hair, as an air-drying styling aid. 

Directions: Shake bottle to mix product. For a tousled, sexy, windswept look, mist onto dry hair, focusing on length. Finger style, twisting ropey sections together, and let dry. On damp hair, apply product liberally, twist and tie up in a loose bun or braid, or twist into ropey sections for a more subtle effect. If in loose buns or braids, once dry, undo and let your gorgeous beach hair cascade down. 

Hair Type: All; Amazing for fine hair for volume and amazing in thick hair for control

Ingredients: distilled water, dead sea salt, magnesium sulfate (epsom) salt, *passiflora edulis (passion fruit) seed oil, *laminariales (kelp) extract, *cocos nucifera (coconut) isolate, *mangifera indica (mango) isolate. *-organic 

    Scent Profile: Tropical, Summer, Clean

    Size: 8 FL OZ